As an independent rescue we rely on donations from the public, friends and family and that includes you! We have numerous ways that you can help us, so please read on.

We use endless supplies of cat and kitten food, both wet and dry, and also cat litter by the truck load! so If you could help in any way and donate food or litter we would be most grateful!

We would of course be grateful for any donations and it will be put to good use!

The below lists are just our preferred choices!

Our preferred food for the cats and kittens:

  • Felix as good as it looks pouches – Kitten
  • Felix as good as it looks pouches – Adult
  • James Wellbeloved Adult dry food
  • James Wellbeloved kitten dry food
  • Purina One Adult
  • Purina One Kitten
  • Hills Science Plan

Health and Wellbeing products we use:

  • Panacur Paste
  • Drontal wormers
  • Advantage flea treatmeats
  • Prokolin
  • Wood based cat litter

Cash Donations

We also have to pay for vet treatment and wellbeing care for the cats, Flea treatment and wormers are always in demand, and spaying costs are never ending! so If you would like to make a cash donation you can do so by Paypal or please contact us for details of where to send cheques or cash donations.

Our bank details are:

Cats Nottingham Rescue, Lloyds TSB Bank. sort code 77.22.17 a/c 49436760

Drop Off Point

Please note that our drop off point at Highbury Designs Catton Road is no longer in use!

Our NEW drop off point (just 2 mins round corner from the previous one) can now be used. This is a residential address please call Maggie on 0115 920 1441 for details.

Pease let us know if you would like to donate any items but you cannot get them to our drop off point and we will try to get one of our volunteers to collect it.




Tesco Donation Bin

We are very happy to announce that we have a NEW Donations bin located in Tesco Extra, Oak Tree Lane Mansfield.

We hope the bin does well and hope that all our supporters continue to help us! Please if you do drop us a donation in the bin write your name on so we know who its from!

Donations really are what keep the rescue going, and  without the kind hearted supporters we could not take in and care for any of the cats, so thank you very much!!

Maggie and the Cats Nottingham team xxx



Kennel Gate Bin

For anyone wishing to purchase and donate food or other items we have a bin behind the till for Cats Nottingham Donations!




£3 a month appeal