Adoption Process


In our Rescue we have a variety of rescued cats and kittens that are looking for their forever home.

We would ideally want you to come to meet the cat or kitten in person. All our rescue cats are in private homes with fosterers. If you decide that he or she is right for you, we will ask you to pay a reservation fee of £20. The cat or kitten will then be marked as reserved and the balance payable on adoption. We ask for an adoption fee of £35 per kitten or £50 for an adult cat or kitten that is old enough to be neutered before going to adoption. This adoption fee would normally cover neuter, microchipping, flea and worming treatments. It is not our policy to vaccinate but can recommend the best deals as to where to have the vaccinations done.

Should you wish to adopt the cat/kitten, we would then arrange an appointment to call round for a home visit. imagesCRJA9B4K1
This is to ensure that the home is a safe environment for the cat or kitten and also to answer any questions you may have regarding the adoption.  We would then prepare an adoption form for signature which has on it all the relevant information regarding the cat.  Once the home visit has been completed and the adoption form signed you can then make arrangements to collect your cat.

All of our cats and kittens are microchipped before adoption and on completion of the adoption, the microchip will be registered to the new owner. The acknowledgement will be sent by email to the new owner by Petlog.  All cats leaving the Rescue are neutered from the age of 4 months. If you adopt a kitten younger than 4 months, it is written in the adoption form that you agree to have the kitten neutered at the appropriate age and you sign the contract to agree to do this.

In the event that your circumstances change and you are no longer able to provide the love, care and support that the cat or kitten requires, the cat or kitten has to be returned to Cats Nottingham Rescue so that we can make sure an appropriate new home can be found.

We are available by phone, email or Facebook should you have any queries or questions regarding your new pet, we will always be on hand to answer them.